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We create long-term partnerships in the construction industry

Dipwork Deal unites responsible suppliers of the construction sector and ensures the necessary materials for the client.

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Send inquiry
Fill the inquiry form and we will contact for further information
Make a request
You make a request and we find the best possible deals for you
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You just need to select the most suitable option
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We take care of everything and deliver the materials to your doorstep
Dip it back
Contribute to giving back to nature
Dip it back

Dip it back to nature

by dipwork

Our company‘s philosophy says that it is crucial to keep the balance and give back to nature what we are taking from it. We will strive to become an inspiring and sustainable organization by returning part of the resources to nature.

A small piece of every deal goes to a basket for nature.

You don‘t need to waste your time searching for a right supplier, you just send us the request and we give the best offers for you, also we will take care of the logistics and deliver the materials on your site.
We cooperate with selected suppliers and manufacturers which brings the best quality materials.
Take your business global
You get instant access to suppliers all over the globe that would fullfil all your material needs and allow you to scale your business.
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JSC Galmina Statyba

Company code: 304972451

VAT code: LT100012134716

Org. nr.: 502079-9556

Bank account: LT617300010163244577 Swedbank

Statybininku str., 12 Gargzdai, Lithuania

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